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St Joseph oil-Family home, restore the foundations of stability / restore work relations/ Helps fathers and family rebase/ Steady work / help find apartments/ stabilize living -1/2 oz

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St joseph -
Husband of Mary and father of Jesus. Patron of homes, employment and those who wish to Die a happy death upon their bed.
Perrin him for matter dealing with selling your house me, gaining employment and hunky making it safe to the gates of heaven.
Best used with yellow candles and the general prayer below.

Holy St Joseph,
you were a man of great hope and faith. You faced many difficult times in your life, fleeing into Egypt, caring and fearing for Mary and Jesus, you lived – like us today – in uncertain times. Your strength came from knowing that the power and faithfulness of God would always be constant.

Fill us with the confidence that you had in the Lord, Our God.
Help us to know that God is close to us, that He will deliver us from the trials and troubles we are now encountering.

May the light of the Lord give us hope. May it guide us every day of our lives and uniting our prayers with yours, may we be assured by the peace and joy of the Lord, that will strengthen us in all our difficulties. Amen.

Holy St Joseph, pray for us.

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