Blue balls- anil - Majicden

Hoodoo Anil Blue balls , blueing balls, Mexican blue balls ,luck , purification, cleanse , Gambling

  • $3.25

You will receive a bag 
Anil can be used for protection, gambling and to wash your clothes with to keep a lover home.

Handmade blend 4 large balls per bag 

or individual sized 

balls are large 

check out my YouTube video on how i made them

I also have a video on what to do with them and how to make you gambling bags  

They blend well in water and will create a heavy blue color , 1 ball can make you 4 oz of water ;use the water with camphor prayed over  to place at doors and under beds to remove the presence of ghost and any low vibrations hindering 


Sold as a curio only

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