Vanishing service -9 day removal spell - Majicden

Vanishing service -9 day removal spell/ remove / clear out/ vanish and run the enemies bothering your life

  • $1,800.00

My vanishing service requires 9 days of graveyard work to start working your tArget away.

please make sure you really want this service .

Service will take take longer to schedule , it has to be worked when I’m   💯 % free with no more work in between while working this 

its a very heavy service to remove Someone out your home , company, at work ,remove family member . Neighbors and even in law that keep meddling and minding your business instead of their. Use this to remove anyone who has become a pest in your life 


service can only be  worked upon 2 people 

a lot of energy and strength goes into removing Someone and making them vanish to anew job. Home or even state 


please make sure you provide all the information on those you want gone 

Full name  , dob and and photos and any personal concerns you can find can be mailed to me


Thanks for looking 

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