Revenge jar and skull service-9 Day if revenge: payback: vengeance - Majicden

Revenge jar and skull service 14 Days of revenge: payback: vengeance

  • $2,500.00

This 13 days  broken in 2 week or worked straight  service is entailed to get that your worst enemies . The jar is  created to keep them in a world  they created full  misery, and all the heartache and suffering they caused. Worked to keep them in a world they aren’t comparable in , Thad’s were I work My custom skull created to go against their very thoughts, cross them up with confusion, emotional damage, emotion pain, making it hard for three to think, create idea and to feel all the pain mentally as the revenge they set up against you , finally is worked back towards them. 

Service will take take longer to schedule , it has to be worked when I’m   💯 % free with no more work in between while working this 30-40 days to schedule 



Full name , dob and photo will be needed .

ifbtiubhave full name and dob that can work as well.

service is scheduked according to my availability and or the position of the moon . Service is schedule within 30-40 days after ordering .

Full report and photo will be provided after service is done. 

 Email me with any questions 



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