F&ck it up -Service- destroy ,revenge ,F up something

  • $700.00

My fuck it up service was created to do just as it says. Fuck up every single area in someone’s life. 1- Black mini skull and 8 candle will be worked for this services , 3day service

fuck it up powder oil and herbs will be used to  create some bad luck and revenge in their life. My candle  are dressed with snake skull to help haunt them as well. Mess up their money, love life, happiness and shatter all and any blessings. Just as they did to you they will now get this in return.

service will be scheduled on my next availability and worked when the moon is waning . 

i will  meed photos , full names and birthday or whatever you have in the enemy you intend to fuck up. 

all my services are scheduled , nothing is worked on the same day or same week.

patience is needed if you intend me to work on your behalf . You should also get a reading to see if this service is in your best interest to destroying the enemy .


photos and a full report will be sent after the service is fully completed . 

Service will be scheduled with 21 days after I have made the candle and proper the items for service . 

Thanks for looking 


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