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Spiritual light Service - 7 day light : Fire of love / steady love / clearance/ cleansing / protection / jinx breaker / Fierywall/ Cast off evil/Boss fix/cut n clear /Money protection / business protection/steady work etc etc

  • $115.00


This service is for custom light of your choices my lights( options below) are burned 7-10 days sometimes a situation can altar changes and creating longer burn times for your light or shorter 

custom light per your situation you want worked below  /No dark lights 

one petition and situation per light/your petition request should be focused for one situation , if you have multiple it’s best you purchase lights per each request. 

please leave all the information and details

full name , birthday and any other information needed for your petition . 

If you have the into please email it to majichan1@gmail.com

light will be set within 10-15 days days and or depending on the moon cycle 

all my services are scheduled around my availability and altar space.

you will  receive a photo  and a report once light has been done and is completed .


Excluded lights These are available in 9 days already

Bewitching/come to me 



no dark lights 

no destruction 

no hot foot 

no break up 

no revenge 

no court case 

nothing dark can be chosen with this options

please purchase a 9 day for that options 


Choice for:

love /sex / money /work /career/small court situations/ favors / altering changes 


Money drawing 

Work work 

fast luck 

pay me 


steady clients 

good fortune 




jinx remover  

cut and clear 


cast off evil


fiery wall 

please choose custom light 

Steady love
Love Jones
Love messenger 
Just stay
Let's stay together
Love notice
Man magnet  
Luv and me
kiss me 
Fire of luv 
Follow me girl/ boy


New added 




boss fix

business protection

open roads 

 just email  if  you need help 


Thanks for looking 






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