Collateral Damage Jar -Grave Service (weaken, bind and destroy) - Majicden

Collateral Damage Jar -Grave Service (weaken, bind and destroy)

  • $1,600.00

My collateral damage jars are created to weaken the enemy,bind and destroy. 

My jars are  fixed to bring the enemy to their knees!!! Weaken the enemy , stop all negativity being sent in spirit and spells.held down , binding them to collateral damage everywhere they turn Lost of job, work, money, home happiness, family and friends can be worked to leave this person .

theve taken more than you can suffer through,so now is the time to sit here asses in the filth they sent out ,  and let them have it !


Service will take take longer to schedule , it has to be worked when I’m   💯 % free with no more work in between while working this 

Its prob a Ex, lover , friend , sadly family member or a  hateful foe from your past!

Please include all the details for the enemy you want collateral damage to center

full name, dob if you have it. Photos of you have it and any information that ii can provide.

This is a heavy service worked for 7 nights , it worked at the cemetary it will be left at the graveyard the same one I took the dirt from.

Where it will be held and taken well care of by the spirits in the graveyard . 

Please make sure you get a consultation with me prior. This isn’t a light service and should be considered if you can’t deal with the wrath that follows for the person in mind.

you will need to Keep yourself protected and that is purchased separately .