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Collateral Damage Jar package-weaken, bind and destroy and permanently break down with this epic force

  • $400.00


You will receive 1- 4oz Jar andBlack candles  and 15  oil  for collateral damages  

petitions (optional) if you need me to create it let me know and send pictures or Make it similar to this if you can ;May my enemy use there name) be stricken with collateral damages binding them to lost of all as they are weakened and brang down to their knees. Binded so your  hands can never touch me , blinded so you cant see me , emotionally damaged in heart , with family and friends. Held down with the spirit of the  collaral damage may life be turned upside just as you created may you now live in your own shit.etc...

My collateral damage jars are created to weaken the enemy,bind and destroy. 

My jars are  fixed to bring the enemy to their knees!!! Weaken the enemy , stop all negativity being sent in spirit and spells.held down , binding them to collateral damage everywhere they turn Lost of job, work, money, home happiness, family and friends can be worked to leave this person .

theve taken more than you can suffer through,so now is the time to sit here asses in the filth they sent out ,  and let them have it !

you  probably worked them , but you may had been weak from them, turn shit around. Take down their power and work a black skull stop them from thinking about you so much .

Its prob a Ex, lover , friend , sadly family member or a eve hateful foe from your past!

this solution isn’t for you all so if you’re working this jar and you’re afraid , dont do it , I’m not afraid of the content I put in that jar. I’m happy when , I make them because ,I know the outcome of the people, person, place or thing you work will to destroy will feel it. That’s what you intent!

keep the jar in the freezer when you aren’t working -

on a Saturday night place graveyard dirt on a plate and place the jar on top .

working with 2- black candles, unstable oil, deadly bind and fuck it up powder dress the candle after you have written your enemy’s name on one. Place it behind the jar and the other one in front dressed with fuck it up powder . Seal jar with the black wax as you curse your enemy to collateral damage .

make sure you purchase  my charges protection candle and a 7/14 here al bath to cleanse ourselves after working the jar .

My cleansing soaps will be great to cleaning up your hands after working this Also.