‚ú®Full Flower ūüĆö Moon Ritual‚ú®St Martha la dominadora service- Group service -dominate control marriage / relationships/friendships / stand over them all/ control enemies and keep things in order at home and work

  • $188.00

Welcome to St Martha la dominadora  group services 

this group services entails

Starts(flower  moon(5/16)Monday night to Wednesday night 

A group settings working alongside st Martha 

to help you keep things under control to regains back marriage  , aloft energy strongly over those who lack respecting youkeep things together at work or home and dominate the enemies whonregrict you

st Martha is great at binding enemies so they can no longer break your power and energy 

 Im going to try to set this service every few months to help you all regain back that power 

a St Martha oil will be sent to everyone who is part of this services 

use her to help you get your life go in a better direction  and look at things from a better perspective 

she shouldn’t be used to just control and dominate  lovers 

her energy is fierce and she is great for that spiritual restoration 

binding enemy’s and blocking enemies from touching you 

 she helps restore back marriage broken homes and relationships / keeps things grounded in check and under control 

She doesn’t like infedelity , so if you attempting to restore your family with her and this services get a reading first so you can know exactly what area to go after and if your family can be restored 


set up a call with me if you need to prior to this services 

 2 -3 brief sentences explaining what you need help with( not to long this has to fit on a candle 

one petition per settings

Just tell me what you want 

I Will word  it 

please order additional candles if you have heavier situations you want martha over look 

please don’t include multiple issues for others and yourself it’s just  for one petition per person   , just tell me what the issue is 

1 situation per candle 

this is a heavy services i will be working this for 3 days starting Mon  ends Wednesday  

donations and offering can be left to st Martha by ordering offerings 

please order a reading of your issues you have are way heavier than  trying to regains control and family  

 Wax Report on how it burned with a brief description on what is see on the outcome reading the wax will be sent with photos to each person 

thanks for reading and Ordering ‚ú®